New Space

We’re literally watching as major history takes place. You’d think such a historical turning point would be impactful, but it isn’t. Well, impactful in prevalence to me. Yes- the Coronavirus pandemic has echoed upon countless aspects of society; a few being the economy, local businesses, and most of all, social interaction. Nevertheless, this episode feelsContinue reading “New Space”

We Need the Tonic of Nature

Absolutely nothing is more cathartic than a primal scream. Pent up anger and frustration wishes away to leave behind a still calm. However, there are some environments unfit for a blood curdling scream; for example, school! Has that ever stopped me? No. It’s genuinely worrying that not a single adult or student on the premisesContinue reading “We Need the Tonic of Nature”

What Am I to Do

To me, conformity plays a large part in societal norms and expectations. These expectations bleed into all aspects of society. Among the impressionable youth, conformity is rampant.  Just today, in the English regents testing room, the silent space screamed anxiety. The pent up energy leads to wandering eyes. Wandering eyes further distract yourself, and inContinue reading “What Am I to Do”

Suffering and Time

However subjective, time is the progression of our existence. Despite its positive connotation, the word “progression” doesn’t acknowledge the prevalence of the past. It speeds past accomplishments and experiences that shape our existence. With that being said, time doesn’t heal all wounds.  Back in middle school, I had a best friend. They were, and remainContinue reading “Suffering and Time”

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