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We’re literally watching as major history takes place.

You’d think such a historical turning point would be impactful, but it isn’t. Well, impactful in prevalence to me. Yes- the Coronavirus pandemic has echoed upon countless aspects of society; a few being the economy, local businesses, and most of all, social interaction. Nevertheless, this episode feels like a break from school more than anything. I don’t know why or how I’ve managed to minimize the gravity of the situation, but I have. My family doesn’t reflect this mindset in the least- my mom is hesitant in letting us leave the house. My father is stir crazy to the point of insanity, while Adam perceives this as a game-fest.

That’s The Team

As for how I’m processing the current media overload, the answer is- I’m not. I’d rather be selfishly ignorant than an anxiety-ridden hypochondriac driven mess. So, I listen to my mom when she tells us to limit social interaction. I practice social distancing. I do my part, just in an uninformed manner. As for a brighter turn of events, I couldn’t help but overhear a podcast on the current environmental breakthrough across the globe. A bounce-back in wildlife and environment spans major cities; Seoul, Korea has deer roaming the streets while the canals in Venice overflow with clear, fish-filled water. 

Pictured is a visual depicting reduced CO2 emissions in China

I still haven’t figured out if my generation is using humor as a coping mechanism or if we genuinely don’t give two shîts about the current situation. I hope it’s the first. One death, no matter the person’s age, is devastating to SOMEONE. We make plenty of jokes about Coronavirus being a Boomer Remover, and justify this loss of life with “Well they left us with a dying planet.” WHAT? WHAT? That Boomer belongs to somebody. Considering our parents age, that Boomer might belong to us. Between the Karen’s of the world hoarding toilet paper, the assholes of the land traveling in the name of Spring Break and non-social distancers hanging out for the fûcks of it, my faith in humanity is nearing a low. But hey! At least I’m not in school.

I align with this because of my love for the movie Holes. I watched it yesterday. That’s it.

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