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But have we even changed?
  • New Space

    March 22, 2020 by

    We’re literally watching as major history takes place. You’d think such a historical turning point would be impactful, but it isn’t. Well, impactful in prevalence to me. Yes- the Coronavirus pandemic has echoed upon countless aspects of society; a few being the economy, local businesses, and most of all, social interaction. Nevertheless, this episode feels… Read more

  • We Need the Tonic of Nature

    February 4, 2020 by

    Absolutely nothing is more cathartic than a primal scream. Pent up anger and frustration wishes away to leave behind a still calm. However, there are some environments unfit for a blood curdling scream; for example, school! Has that ever stopped me? No. It’s genuinely worrying that not a single adult or student on the premises… Read more

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